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by Gummbah.

David Lynch

David Lynch answers a question about ‘Keeping True to the Idea’

Stefan Brüggemann

Stefan Brueggemann, I Cant Explain and I Wont Even Try (2003)

Stefan Brüggemann, ‘I Can’t Explain and I Won’t Even Try’ (2003)

Paolo Chiasera

‘Madonna della Scodella’ (2012) by Paolo Chiasera.

“So the question is: what information can be gleaned from paintings about the knowledge that this power has tried to conceal?”


David Byrne interview

David Byrne interviews himself for a Talking Heads´ film concert by Jonathan Demme.

Félix González-Torres

‘Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit’ (1992) by Félix González-Torres.

Elodie Pong




‘Even a stopped clock is right twice a day’ (2008) by Elodie Pong.

In this video by Elodie Pong globalisation and the state of the world economy are debated by stuffed birds.