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Martijn in’t Veld

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 10.49.48

From ‘Seven Shelves‘ (2012) by Martijn in’t Veld

Sarah Lucas


Sarah Lucas, ‘The artist eating a banana’ (1990)

Jan Huijben



Jan Huijben, ‘Sand Ball Sale’ (2013)

After this piece by David Hammons.

Gabriel Orozco

orozco - rolling life's hand line

Gabriel Orozco, ‘Rolling Life’s Hand Line’ (2003)

Ingmar Bergman

The Virgin Spring- Bergman

Still from ‘The Virgin Spring’ by Ingmar Bergman

Trisha Donnelly

trisha donnelly the hand that holds the desert down silver gelatin 2002

Trisha Donnelly, ‘The hand that holds the desert down’ (2002)

silver gelatin print

William Hogarth

William Hogarth's 'Time Smoking a Picture'

William Hogarth‘s ‘Time smoking a picture’ (1822)

The quotation in Greek written on the upper part of the frame reads, “Time is not a great artist but weakens all he touches.”

Marie Lund

“Beginning Happening”, 2011 by Marie Lund

‘Beginning happening’ (2010) by Marie Lund

Armand Yerly


Armand Yerly, from the series ‘Objects’ (2012)

Fischli & Weiss


Fischli & Weiss, ‘How to work better’ (1991)