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Leon Wyczolkowski

Leon Wyczolkowski - Spring in Goscieradz (1933)

Leon Wyczólkowski, ‘Spring in Goscieradz’ (1933)

Miriam Bäckström


From the series ‘Scenografier / Set Constructions’ by Miriam Bäckström (1995-2000)

Alexander Calder


Alexander Calder, ‘From Le Memoire Elementaire (composition with Pyramid and Spheres)’ (1976)

Marlow Moss

Marlow Moss  Balanced Forms in Gunmetal on Cornish Granite 1956–7

Marlow Moss, ‘Balanced Forms in Gunmetal on Cornish Granite’ (1956–7)

Dren Maliqi

Dren Maliqi-Hot and Cold

Dren Maliqi, ‘Hot and Cold’ (2006)

Ryan De La Hoz

Ryan De La Hoz-black fax

Ryan De La Hoz, ‘Black Fax’

Joshua Schwartz


Joshua Schwartz, ‘Holy Trip’

Schwartz asked a preacher if he would consider taking a picture with his disposable camera the next time he felt he was being touched by the hand of God. This image arrived at Schwartz’s home two months after their encounter.

Yto Barrada

Dormeur fig. 5 (Sleeper fig. 5) 2006 C-print

barrada sleepers

Yto Barrada, from the series ‘Sleepers’, Tangier (2006)

Anca Benera

anca benera

From Anca Benera‘s ‘Navigating London’s Lost Rivers’ performance (2011)

Martijn in’t Veld

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 10.49.48

From ‘Seven Shelves‘ (2012) by Martijn in’t Veld