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Ken Burns


‘The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God’, a film by Ken Burns and Amy Stechler Burns.

They called themselves the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, but because of their ecstatic dancing, the world called them “Shakers.”

C. Winter


‘Shaker Dance’ by C. Winter

Gertrude Quastler

Gertrude Quastler_Polly and MacHeath, circa 1960

Gertrude Quastler, ‘Polly and MacHeath’ (circa 1960)

Carles Congost

Carles Congost_still from Supercampeon_2000

Still from ‘Supercampeon’ (2000) by Carles Congost

Watch here.

Peter Coffin

‘Alphabet Rainbow’ (2014) by Peter Coffin.

David Lamelas

davidlamelas_Corner Piece, 1966

David Lamelas, ‘Corner Piece’ (1966)

B. Wurtz


B. Wurtz, untitled (4 views) (1988)

Michael Van den Abeele

michael van de abeele the clean man

Michael Van den Abeele, ‘de Heldere man (the Clear Man)’ (2008)

Brian Jungen

BrianJungen-Prototype for New Understanding 8, 1999

‘Prototype for New Understanding #8’ (1999)


BrianJungen-Prototype for New Understanding 16, 2004

‘Prototype for New Understanding #16’ (2004)


BrianJungen-Prototype for New Understanding 21, 2005

‘Prototype for New Understanding #21’ (2005)

All works by Brian Jungen

Bertjan Pot




Masks (2010-ongoing) by Bertjan Pot