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David Stamp

davidstamp_Whats Inside You Wants You Eaten (2012, c-print)

David Stamp, ‘What’s inside you wants you eaten’ (2012)

Janice Kerbel




Janice Kerbel, from the ‘Remarkable’ series (2007)

Faintgirl, Double Attraction, Crystal and Blindspot and Regur­gi­tat­ing Lady

Silkscreen print on cam­paign poster paper, each 107 x 158 cm

Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld 'Exhausted Renegade Elephant', Woodland, Washington, 1982

Joel Sternfeld, ‘Exhausted Renegade Elephant’ (Woodland, Washington, 1982)

Colin Gee / Alexander Calder

Colin Gee commemorates Alexander Calder’s Circus miniatures.

Colin Gee, ‘Objective suspense’ (2009)

Alexander Calder performs ‘Le grand cirque’.

Alexander Calder, ‘Le grand cirque’ (1927)