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Sebastian Stumpf

sebastian-stumpf-Leavings #1, 2014

‘Leavings #1’

sebastian-stumpf-Leavings #4, 2014.jpg

‘Leavings #4’

sebastian-stumpf-Leavings #7, 2014.jpg

‘Leavings #7’ by Sebastian Stumpf

Christoph Ruckhäberle

Christoph Ruckhaeberle L'Emmerdeur Futuriste no.10 (2009)

Christoph Ruckhäberle, ‘L’Emmerdeur Futuriste #10’ (2009)

Florian Slotawa

florianslotawa_Hotel Inter-Continental, Leipzig, Zimmer 2116, Nacht zum 12. Dez. 1999

‘Hotel Inter-Continental, Leipzig, Zimmer 2116, Nacht zum 12. Dez. 1999’

florianslotawa_Hotel Lux, Grenoble, Zimmer 53, Nacht zum 10. Januar 1999

‘Hotel Lux, Grenoble, Zimmer 53, Nacht zum 10. Januar 1999’ by Florian Slotawa


You can find this sculpture by the Tröndlinring in Leipzig, it has increasingly been the victim of shoefiti. This picture is a year old, so it looks quite different nowadays.

If anyone knows who this sculpture is by, let us know!

Sonja Vordermaier

Sonja Vordermaier, ‘Streetlampforest’ (2010)

‘Streetlampforest’ is a collection of 30 european streetlamps from different origins and times (Amsterdam, Berlin, Erfurt, Leipzig, Glasgow, Innsbruck, Milano, Hamburg, Prag, Cagnes-sur-mer (France), Sarajevo, Stuttgart, Belgrade, Lippstadt, Munich, Sofia, Trieste,Wolfsburg and Vienna).



It’s Christmasmarket time in Germany and in Leipzig I saw this stall. It had some nice sculptures on its roof!




Rebecca Stephany


I recently saw Rebecca Stephany‘s work at the GfZK Leipzig, after she had won the INFORM conceptual design award.

Click to see a more or less incomplete selection of nice works from the show. Sorry about the sorry pictures..

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Roman Korovin

korovin view

Roman Korovin, ‘Smell of the elephant’ (2010)

Seen a few days ago at one of the locations of this year’s Leipzig photofestival. Below are a few nice details of his installation.

On view until tomorrow.

korovin till1

korovin plastic drop

korovin magic stick

korovin scared

korovin till2