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Ken Lum

Ken Lum. Don't be silly, 1993

Ken Lum, ‘Don’t be Silly’ (1993)

Martin Kippenberger

‘Yuppi Du’ from Martin Kippenberger‘s Muzik (1979-1995)

Thierry Bontridder

Thierry Bontridder, ‘Trois croissants et un arc’ (2000)

In Scheutbospark, Brussels.

Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce, ‘Montanara’

Murray Gaylard

Murray Gaylard, ‘Streetlamp for an inferiority complex’ (2011)

Click here to see a documentational video of the work.

Markus Sixay

‘Ugly lamp covered by garbage bag’ (2005) by Markus Sixay.