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James ‘Son Ford’ Thomas

James Son Ford Thomas-untitled-unknown

James ‘Son Ford’ Thomas, untitled (1987)

Peter Coffin


‘Untitled (Unfinished hand)’ (2006) by Peter Coffin.

Joe Scanlan

Joe Scanlan, ‘DIY or How to Kill Yourself Anywhere in the World for Under $399’ (2002)

The book ‘DIY’ presents a plan for how to go into any IKEA store in the world and buy materials with which to build your own coffin. As is the case with all Do-It-Yourself projects, some basic skills and tools are required.

Peter Coffin


Peter Coffin, ‘Untitled (Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes mystic truths)’ (2006)

Peter Coffin

Symbiotic RelationshipÉ

Peter Coffin, Untitled (Symbiotic Relationship / Dance Party), 2007