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Ryan Gander


‘A lamp made by the artist for his wife (third attempt)’ by Ryan Gander.

Ryan Gander


‘Rietveld Reconstruction – Diego’ (2006) by Ryan Gander.

Two Rietveld cargo chairs and Rietveld cargo table.


Ryan Gander


‘Samson’s push, or No. VI / Composition No.II’ (2011) by Ryan Gander.

A pillar made from custom coloured LACK Ikea side tables. The colours correspond to the colours and area of the painting ‘Piet Mondrian – No. VI / Composition No.II, 1920, Oil on canvas, 1163 x 1163 x 62 mm, Purchased 1967 by the Tate collection’.

Ryan Gander

‘A sheet of paper on which I was about to draw, as it slipped from my table and fell to the floor.’ (2008) by Ryan Gander.

Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander, ‘Locked room scenario’ (2011)

“Lit rooms are locked tight. Barriers are partially in place. Doors leading to dark corridors are amongst the few open – and if you push on through the labyrinth, you eventually find something – although it isn’t exactly what you expected. Uncertainty and issues of accessibility permeate the entire space and experience of it.” (Michelle Schultz for Dailyserving.com)

Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander, ‘Bauhaus revisited’ (2003)

Bauhaus chess-set from 1924 designed by Josef Hartwig, reproduced in blacklisted Zebrawood from the African rainforest.