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Ed Ruscha

ARTISTS WHO MAKE "PIECES" 1976 by Edward Ruscha born 1937

‘ARTISTS WHO MAKE ‘PIECES” (1976) by Ed Ruscha.

Jason Dodge

Jason Dodge, ‘In order of altitude’ (2008)

Five people with different professions were asked to cut a pocket from their trousers: PILOT, WINDOW WASHER, ACROBAT, BALLET DANCER, JUDGE.

Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley, ‘Bread Line’ (1979)

1 x 1 500 x 3 cm

Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander, ‘Bauhaus revisited’ (2003)

Bauhaus chess-set from 1924 designed by Josef Hartwig, reproduced in blacklisted Zebrawood from the African rainforest.

Roman Signer

Roman Signer, ‘Aktion mit 48 Kisten’ (1993)