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Luis Camnitzer

luis_camnitzer-This is a mirror.You are a written sentence-1966

Luis Camnitzer, ‘This is a mirror. You are a written sentence’ (1966)

Ad Reinhardt



Ad Reinhardt, from ‘How to Look at Art, Arts & Architecture’ (1946)

Maurice Bogaert


‘On-going going-on’ (2005) by Maurice Bogaert.

Maurice Bogaert tattooed his parents autographs on his feet. On the left foot his mothers and on the right foot his fathers.

Jeroen Offerman


‘Cactus’ (1996) by Jeroen Offerman.

A large cactus was tattooed entirely black within a time-span of three weeks.


Savage, ‘You will have what you want sometime soon’ (2011)


Lea Lagasse

Lea Lagasse, ‘You, you, you, my turn…’ (2008)

This installation uses an invisible hanging system for two dimensional pieces which rotates the work by 90 degrees every ten minutes. The furtive movement plays with the codes of art display. Here an abstract painting from François Morellet receives this soft yet iconoclastic treatment.

Video here.