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Tue Greenfort

tue_greenfort_ A Fly's Compostition -2004

Tue Greenfort, ‘A fly’s composition’ (2004)

Series of 10 photographs on aluminium.

Brock Davis


by Brock Davis

Pablo Wendel

Pablo Wendel is the last artist we will announce for the show ‘I want to believe’, which is taking place next on Saturday the 15th of September, 19.30hrs at NS16, NS-plein 16 in Tilburg. It will be a great evening with even better performances, so don’t miss it, make sure you are in time!

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Facebook event page

Jason Dodge

Jason Dodge, ‘In order of altitude’ (2008)

Five people with different professions were asked to cut a pocket from their trousers: PILOT, WINDOW WASHER, ACROBAT, BALLET DANCER, JUDGE.

Pablo Wendel

‘Latimeria’ (2004) by Pablo Wendel

The fishhook is tied to the helium balloon with a string. To ensure that it does not fly away, it is fastened just below the water surface with a knot to an anchor rope. The special knot (a so-called robber‘s knot) unties itself as soon as a fish bites into the hook, causing the balloon to rise to approx. 32,000 metres hight.

David Shrigley

‘One day a big wind will come and…’ by David Shrigley

Letha Wilson

‘Sunset Airplane Wilderness Ranch’ (2010) by Letha Wilson.

Olaf Breuning

‘We are such animals’ (2005) by Olaf Breuning.

Carsten Höller


‘Birds’ (2006) by Carsten Höller.

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Jack Falanga


‘Leap into the void’ (2007) (videostill, Dirty Dancing) by Jack Falanga.