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Steven Pippin




‘Point Blank’ by Steven Pippin

A series of photos made by cameras recording the precise moment of their own destruction.


VLF (Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux), ‘Homme ecoutant le sol’ (2012)

Simona Rota

Simona Rota, ‘Instant village’, Tenerife Island, Canaries (2010)

Olof Olsson


‘Ready-mades on wheels’ (1993) by Olof Olsson

is an attempt to make ‘classic’ modern sculptures.

Instant land-art by Fioretti students


Today students of group 1B of the Fioretti College in Veghel created this instant land-art work behind their school. Together they made a great piece of work! (a path with modern mini-stonehenge)

I was asked as a guest-teacher for this project by Jeanne van Heeswijk, but the students did all the hard work!

(part of Buitenpost, the Mobile Museum)

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