Monthly Archives: October 2011

Stijn van Dorpe

Stijn van Dorpe, ‘Beeldhorizon’ (2011)

Michelangelo Pistoletto

‘Upside down furniture’ (1976) by Michelangelo Pistoletto

Koki Tanaka

Still from Koki Tanaka‘s, ‘Approach to an old house’ (2008)

Rainer Prohaska

‘Delta star ship operation’ by Rainer Prohaska. From the series ‘Toy-kit architectures’.

Luc Deleu

‘Speybank’ (2005) by Luc Deleu.

Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson, ‘Arch’ (2008)

Found museum plinths.

Carl Andre

Carl Andre‘s ‘Outer Piece’ (1983)


You can find this sculpture by the Tröndlinring in Leipzig, it has increasingly been the victim of shoefiti. This picture is a year old, so it looks quite different nowadays.

If anyone knows who this sculpture is by, let us know!

Pablo Wendel

‘Latimeria’ (2004) by Pablo Wendel

The fishhook is tied to the helium balloon with a string. To ensure that it does not fly away, it is fastened just below the water surface with a knot to an anchor rope. The special knot (a so-called robber‘s knot) unties itself as soon as a fish bites into the hook, causing the balloon to rise to approx. 32,000 metres hight.

Aldo Gianotti

‘An angle of 180 degrees is a straight line or half a circle’ (2007) by Aldo Giannotti

The artist’s mother hanging upside-down.