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John & James Whitney

“Five film exercises (film 2-3)” (1944) by John and James Whitney.

The Whitney brothers’ ‘Five film exercises’ (1943-1944) are based on modernist composition theory. They created their films with cut-out masks, so the photographed image is direct light shaped. The pioneer electronic sound is composed especially for these films, precisely controlled and written directly on the film’s soundtrack area.

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Thomas Bakker


Last friday was the presentation of the work ‘Impuls’ by Thomas Bakker.

‘Impuls’ (2010) was made for the CKE Eindhoven (NL), a center for the arts.
A series of LED-screens on the outside of the building project visual noise. The screens are connected through LED lines, showing the flow of energy. The intensity of the noise corresponds with the activity inside the building and changes accordingly during the day.
The video was shot during the opening…

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Also Space


Also: In the next weeks will have an irregular connection with China.

Space: Expo ‘Also Space’ (1-16 may) at C-Space in Beijing, organised by Reinaart Vanhoe.

Also Space Blog

Mounira Al Solh


Stills from the video ‘Rawane’s Song’ (2006) by Mounira Al Solh.

(seen last week in De Appel, Amsterdam)

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Packard Jennings


Centennial Society (Packard Jennings), ‘Walgreens coupons’

This coupon is made to be inserted in the Walgreens EasySaver Catalog available every month at Walgreens, a chain of superstores comparable to Walmart.


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David Horvitz

Another one of Horvitz‘s instructions:


Pauline Bastard

Afbeelding 10

Pauline Bastard, ‘Over the rainbow’ (2009)

A lot of her works are videos that I can’t show you here, because her website’s so Flashy… so go there.

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Momus, ‘Boring books’ (2008)

A selection of book titles and covers so boring they’re interesting.

Via vvork

Nina Katchadourian




Nina Katchadourian, from the ‘Sorted books’ project (1993 – ongoing)

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Craig Leonard


‘Obsolete Concepts (Antiprobabilism)’ (2004) by Craig Leonard.

From a series of prints pointing to obsolete concepts, as categorized by the Oxford English Dictionary, in the word’s last known site of publication.

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