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Alex Hubbard @ Whitney Biennial


The other highlight for me was the video ‘Annotated Plans for an Evacuation ‘ (2009) by Alex Hubbard.

In the video, Hubbard continuously alters the look of an old, used Ford Tempo. He does this with styrofoam, plaster and spraypaint in a way that makes it seem like he has a very clear plan for the make-over. However, over the course of the video, the purpose for his alterations becomes increasingly unclear, while their pointlessness becomes ever more clear.

The video, as installed at the Whitney.

Bruce High Quality Foundation @ Whitney Biennial


A definite highlight (for me) of the Whitney Biennial was the work ‘We like America and America likes us’ (2010), by The Bruce High Quality Foundation.

With its title and form referring to Joseph Beuys’s performance ‘I like America and America likes me’ (where Beuys was picked up from the airport with a Cadillac ambulance and brought to the gallery, where he lived with a coyote for three days) an old ambulance stands in one of the rooms of the Whitney, a film playing on its windshield. The film is comprised of different clips taken from youtube videos. The female voiceover tells us about her difficult relationship to America, while it is constantly unclear whether America is a man, a woman, a lover, a friend, or really just the country.

The original video that’s shown on the windshield of the ambulance.

John & James Whitney

“Five film exercises (film 2-3)” (1944) by John and James Whitney.

The Whitney brothers’ ‘Five film exercises’ (1943-1944) are based on modernist composition theory. They created their films with cut-out masks, so the photographed image is direct light shaped. The pioneer electronic sound is composed especially for these films, precisely controlled and written directly on the film’s soundtrack area.

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