Nina Katchadourian




Nina Katchadourian, from the ‘Sorted books’ project (1993 – ongoing)



‘Wanted’ (1996)

A fictional room for rent with the same proportions as a standard American jail cell (6 x 9 x 7 feet) was advertised for rent in the Village Voice. Encouraged to “leave some information about yourself,” callers left short descriptions of their hobbies, incomes, interests and so on in whatever way they felt would be most impressive. There were over 117 phone calls in the first 24 hours after the ad ran. The incoming calls were recorded and played back into a room with the same proportions as the advertised space.


‘Carla and a friend’ (2002)

While working on Animal Crossdressing, an interesting side project materialized. The pet snake that I was working with had befriended a rat that was initially given to her to eat.

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