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David Raymond Conroy

David Raymond Conroy Every-Girl-Ive-Ever-Loved_w

David Raymond Conroy, ‘Every Girl I’ve Ever Loved’ (2006)

Nana Kogler


Nana Kogler, ‘1305 full names out of my long term memory in five weeks’ (2010)

Mathieu Tremblin

Mathieu Tremblin, ‘Tag Coulds’, 2010

Mathieu Tremblin, ‘Tag Clouds (Rue de Gaillon)’ (2010)

Marine Hugonnier

From the series ‘Mountains with no names’ (2003) by Marine Hugonnier

These photographs, drawn from a larger series, are portraits Hugonnier took of the mountains that surround the Pandjshêr Valley in the northeast of Afghanistan. These mountains have never been named: they remain blank areas on the map where only the paths are given names by local inhabitants.

Ron Terada

From the series ‘Ad Paintings’ (1993) by Ron Terada

Danh Vo

The on-going project “Vo Rocasco Rasmussen” that began in 2003, was one of Danh Võ’s first forays in the systematic subversion of hegemonic cultural structures. Legally marrying and adopting the names of one close friend after another, this on-going work could be seen as a tribute to loyalty and love, but his subsequent accumulation of names over time calls into question the role a name plays in our understanding of identity. His passport, for example, does not read the same as his bank-card, and the name on his driver’s license is different from his door bell.