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Unknown AA student



This sketch was done by an (unknown) student of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. It is a design for a suicide building:

Jumping is done from the top platform. From the underlying floors, as well as from the audience seating opposite the building, spectators can watch the suicides happen live.

Will Oliver

Een bezoeker kijkt uit over het financiele hart van Londen vanuit het Leadenhall Building, een van de nieuwste wolkenkrabbers in de stad. Foto- Will Oliver

A visitor looks out over the financial center of London from the Leadenhall Building, one of the City’s newest skyscrapers, by Will Oliver.

David Hammons

David Hammons

‘In the Hood’ by David Hammons

Job Koelewijn


Job Koelewijn, ‘A balancing act’ (1998)

Filip Olszewski

Filip olszewski elizabeth leaving 04

Filip Olszewski_elizabeth leaving 01

Filip olszewski elizabeth leaving 03

Filip Olszewski elizabeth leaving02

From the blog project ‘Elizabeth leaving’ by Filip Olszewski

Baillie Walsh

Baillie Walsh‘s video for Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ (1991)

Alex van Warmerdam

Alex van Warmerdam, ‘De Noorderlingen’ (‘The Northerners’) (1992)

A surreal black comedy set in a decrepit 1960’s housing development. When his mother is drawn into sainthood and the resulting frustrations of his father become too difficult to manage, Thomas, a young boy, becomes obsessed with events on the broadcast news. The liberation of the Belgian Congo is taking place and Thomas becomes Lumumba, one of the contenders as the Congo’s new leader. He is encouraged in this escapism by Plagge, the postman who reads all the mail and knows all of the bizzarre and intimate secrets of the eccentric inhabitants of the estate.


Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt, ‘Kids in box’ (1945)

Mirko Martin

‘Noir’ (2008), a video by Mirko Martin

Watch the video here.