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Kris van Dessel


‘Entering Meters Going Nowhere’ (2014-ongoing) by Kris van Dessel.

Measuring and entering the distances traveled in his studio while working.
Each month the total number of meters has been entered in Google to find a mountain with the equal number of meters as height.

Alec Soth

alec soth_FirstBaptistChurch_Bemidji_Minnesota

Alec Soth, ‘First Baptist Church, Bemidji, Minnesota’ (2008)

Ger van Elk



Ger van Elk, ‘Los Angeles freeway flyer’ (1973)

Contact prints wrapped around six walking sticks.

Thomas Mailaender


Thomas Mailaender, ‘Gone fishing’ (2009)

The Gone Fishing project tells the modern epic of a young man fleeing his new responsibilities as a father by going on holidays with buddies. Through a false compilation of letters from the young dad to the young mom, Thomas Mailaender invents a character: a sort of immature Ulysses, more inspired by the beer, big-game fishing or ping-pong tournaments that by his new-born child.

Preview can be downloaded here

Cyprien Gaillard

Geographical Analogies


Cyprien Gaillard, from the ‘Geographical Analogies’ series (2006-2013)

Michael Blum


‘My Sneakers’ (2001) by Michael Blum

“In August 1999, I purchased a pair of Nike sneakers in Paris. Two years later, I would travel them back to where they came from – Indonesia, according to the label – and try to learn more about them.”

Mungo Thomson

mungo-thomson-antenna baldessari

‘Antenna Baldessari’ by Mungo Thomson

Hanne Lippard

Hanne Lippard, ‘There are 36 ways to view Mount Fuji’ (2008)

In The Happy Hypocrite, Issue I – Linguistic Hardcore

Janek Schaefer

‘Recorded Delivery’, by Janek Schaefer (1995)

A sound activated tape recorder travels overnight through the UK Post Office. The dictaphone automatically edits the 15 hour journey down to a 72min recording, capturing only the significant sounds right up until the parcel is signed for at the end, where it is to be exhibited in a self storage building.