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Richard Dawson


Music video for ‘The Vile Stuff’ by Richard Dawson.

Barcaccia Fountain


The Barcaccia fountain in Rome (1629 by Pietro Bernini) after being visited by Feijenoord football supporters in February 2015.

Laurent Malherbe

plattenbau 1

‘Plattenbau’ (2010) by Laurent Malherbe.

Dragoljub Rasa Todosijevic

Dragoljub Raša Todosijevic, ‘Balkan Banquet’ (2002) from the series ‘Gott liebt die Serben’

Peter Coffin

Peter Coffin, ‘The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest form of Art’

Christoph Büchel

Christoph Büchel, ‘Minus’ (2002)

A punk-concert was held inside a room at the Kunstverein Hannover. Immediately after the show, the entire room was frozen.

Cyprien Gaillard

‘The Recovery of Discovery (The Beer Pyramid)’ (2011) by Cyprien Gaillard.
(72.000 bottles of Efes beer)

Rob Pruitt & Walter Early

‘Sculpture for teenage boys (Miller pyramid, 13 high)’ (1990)


‘Beer cans (sculpture for teenage boys)’ (1990) by Rob Pruitt & Walter Early.

Backstage at HISK, Ghent


Some backstage photos I made at HISK, Ghent.

‘LA CONQUETE DE L’ESPACE’. HISK laureates 2009 exhibition (14.11 – 13.12 2009).

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