Monthly Archives: June 2011

Ursula Achternkamp

‘Peitschenlaternen, gebändigt’ (2001) by Ursula Achternkamp.

Krištof Kintera

‘Miracle’ (2008) by Krištof Kintera.

Sonja Vordermaier

Sonja Vordermaier, ‘Streetlampforest’ (2010)

‘Streetlampforest’ is a collection of 30 european streetlamps from different origins and times (Amsterdam, Berlin, Erfurt, Leipzig, Glasgow, Innsbruck, Milano, Hamburg, Prag, Cagnes-sur-mer (France), Sarajevo, Stuttgart, Belgrade, Lippstadt, Munich, Sofia, Trieste,Wolfsburg and Vienna).

Ai Weiwei

‘Grapes’ (2008) by Ai Weiwei. (wooden stools, Qing dynasty, 1644 – 1911)

Bernd Krauß

‘Deutschlandbank’ (2003) by Bernd Krauß

Martin Kippenberger

Martin Kippenberger, ‘Peter’

The idea of the ‘Peter’ sculpture installation was that all of these sculptures would be clustered together as you see them here in a way that they’re getting into eachother’s space and they make looking at any one sculpture impossible without the interference of all the others. The sculptures are not made by Kippenberger himself, they’re made for him by his assistant Michael Krebber, an artist in his own right.

‘Peter’ was a word that Kippenberger liked to use a lot in a very general way, almost like we now would say ‘whatever’. But it also had a punning aspect in which St. Petersburg was where the Hermitage museum was, and where one could find displayed hundreds of works of art in closed configurations on the walls as opposed to the isolation that we think of in modern western museums.

Tatzu Nishi

‘Gott Erscheint’ (2005)


‘Engel’ (2002) by Tatzu Nishi.

Brian Khek

‘Homer’s Venus de Gummy’, by Brian Khek

David Byrne interview

David Byrne interviews himself for a Talking Heads´ film concert by Jonathan Demme.

Laurel Woodcock

‘This must be the place’ (2008) by Laurel Woodcock.