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Vuk Vidor

Vuk Vidor, ‘Art history scarf’ (2004-2009)

95cm x 95cm 100% Georgette Silk Scarf with hand rolled edges

Ivko Šešic

‘Krik’ (1978) by Ivko Šešic.

A portrait of the Belgrade Zoo, built within the walls of an ancient fortress. The camera focuses on details of the sturdy walls and on footage of the idle, empty life of caged animals.

Sonja Vordermaier

Sonja Vordermaier, ‘Streetlampforest’ (2010)

‘Streetlampforest’ is a collection of 30 european streetlamps from different origins and times (Amsterdam, Berlin, Erfurt, Leipzig, Glasgow, Innsbruck, Milano, Hamburg, Prag, Cagnes-sur-mer (France), Sarajevo, Stuttgart, Belgrade, Lippstadt, Munich, Sofia, Trieste,Wolfsburg and Vienna).