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Harry Hanrahan

‘The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time’ edited by Harry Hanrahan.

Simon Phillipson


‘Origin of the Species’ by Simon Phillipson.

This book compares a copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species published in 1902 against a more recent copy published in 2007. It highlights the evolution and editorial changes made to the book over the 105 years.

Janek Schaefer

‘Recorded Delivery’, by Janek Schaefer (1995)

A sound activated tape recorder travels overnight through the UK Post Office. The dictaphone automatically edits the 15 hour journey down to a 72min recording, capturing only the significant sounds right up until the parcel is signed for at the end, where it is to be exhibited in a self storage building.

Lucy Coggle

‘New Again’ (2011) by Lucy Coggle.

Yasi Ghanbari

‘Mental Pressure’ (2009) by Yasi Ghanbari

Edited copy of Bruce Nauman’s ‘Body Pressure’.

Rich Juzwiak

“I’m not here to make friends” by Rich Juzwiak

Maurice Methot

‘Psychodrome’ by Maurice Methot

‘Psychodrome’ is an algorithmically hyper-edited recut of the shower scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho via cellular automata control.

Peter Freitag


‘Priska & Kristi’



From the series ‘Private stages’ (2004-2007) by Peter Freitag.

Amateur photographs of nudes found on the internet are obscured with the application of little “dots” that are made with punchhole irons using the colours and structures from the original image, leaving the silhouette visible.

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