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Philip Ewe at Flat i









Philip Ewe‘s performance for PLATOON at Flat i, London, last Friday (October 2).

A performance event of bombastic proportions and mobile limits. Stretching inside oneself and outside oneself – this was a one man apartment-based battle with questions and answers and then more questions…

Ignas Krunglevicius


‘Daemons Mouth’ (2015) by¬†Ignas Krunglevicius.

A page from the diary of schizophrenic young man is read by
a text-to-speech robot.

Christian Marclay

‘Telephones’ (1995) by Christian Marclay

Angela Bulloch

Angela Bulloch, Staedtische Galerie Wolfsburg, 2011, Dossier-8


Angela Bulloch, ‘Grid Drawing Machine’ (1992)

Kendell Geers

‘Free Speech’ (2007) by Kendell Geers.

Bethan Huws

‘The chocolate bar’ (2003) by Bethan Huws

Gareth Long

Gareth Long, ‘Live subtitles’ (2005)

The installation used voice recognition software to cull the voices of the spectators, turning their speech into live captions superimposed on a live video feed.

Full text here

Vaast Colson

‘Though a lie be swift, the truth overtakes it. Ten fibs I told as a child’ (2006) by Vaast Colson

Ten lies Vaast Colson told as a child were printed on 500 white balloons. Each balloon is accompanied by a mini-disc on which Colson explains the project and a signed and numbered information card. During the opening the balloons were filled with helium and released. The people who found a balloon were invited to send a photograph of themselves with the balloon. The most distant balloon thus far was found at 770 km from Antwerp.