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Tarik Kiswanson


by Tarik Kiswanson.

Ceal Floyer


by Ceal Floyer.

Richard Wentworth

35°9,32°18 1985 by Richard Wentworth born 1947

’35°9,32°18′ (1985), by Richard Wentworth.

Francis Denys

francis denyz

francis denyz_Sportraam (2009)

Francis Denys, ‘Sportraam’ (2009)
Carved exercise ladder

Mary Miss

Mary Miss. Perimeters_Pavillions_Decoys. 1978-2


Mary Miss, several impressions of the exhibition ‘Perimeters / Pavillions / Decoys’ (1978)

Short PDF on the work here.

Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux


‘Fibonacci’s ladder’ by Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux

Virginia Overton

virginia_overton_Untitled (ladder), Sculpture Center, New York 2009

Virginia Overton, Untitled (ladder) (2009)

Roman Ondák

roman ondak third way

Roman Ondák, ‘Third Way’ (2012)

Amalia Pica

Amalia Pica, ‘Some of that Colour #4’ (2011)

Elmgreen & Dragset



Elmgreen & Dragset, ‘How are you today?’ (2002)

A ladder was installed inside the gallery, which the visitor was encouraged to climb.
Once up, the visitor could have a peek into the private life of the gallerist.