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Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle

Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle - Pasta Necklace, 2015

Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle, ‘Pasta Necklace’ (2015)

Ross Taylor


Ross Taylor, ‘Wem-bley-mar-ket’ (2012)

Mike Kelley

Mike_KELLEY_SS Cuttlebone, 2000

Mike Kelley, ‘SS Cuttlebone’ (2000)

Angela Bulloch


Angela Bulloch, ‘AbraCadereSalubra’ (2009)

Edition for Texte zur Kunst.

For Texte zur Kunst Bulloch produced a chain consisting of 30 beads, that have been cast in tin after handmade models and have then been handpainted. According to two preset systems, related to Cadere and Le Corbusier, these beads have been connected on a metal string.

Alicja Kwade

‘Berliner Bordsteinjuwelen’ (2007) by Alicja Kwade

Cut and polished found stones.


Tiffany Parbs

Tiffany Parbs, ‘Bond’ (2009)

Tiffany Parbs

Tiffany Parbs, ‘Blister-ring’ (2005)