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Jack Falanga

jack falanga_Twin  Digital Collage 2011

Jack Falanga, ‘Twin’ (2011)

Digital collage.

Majda Vidakovic

Majda Vidakovic - These times

Majda Vidakovic, ‘These Times’

Mungo Thomson

mungothomson_Photoshop Palette Rug, 2009

Mungo Thomson, ‘Photoshop Palette Rug’ (2009)

Barak Zemer

from a series by Barak Zemer

Pawel Szostak

, ‘I’ve got art in my tummy’ (2011-2012)

Szostak went to pizza-restaurants in Vienna to trade prints of famous paintings with a pizza photoshopped into them for the pizza depicted in the print.

Britta Thie

‘Liquify’ (2009) by Britta Thie.

Jesse McLean

‘Creep’ (2009) by Jesse McLean. (see also¬†photoshop disasters)

Mike Ruiz


Mike Ruiz, ‘Extended Bliss’ (2010)

The default Windows XP wallpaper, Bliss, with white area added to the sides, then put through content-aware fill.


‘Extended Aurora’ (2010)

The Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard wallpaper, Aurora, with white area added to the sides of the image and then put through content-aware fill.

And, remember this post from a while ago…?

Micah Schippa

‘Untitled no. 1’ (2010) by Micah Schippa.

Carson Fisk-Vittori


‘Portal’ (2007) by Carson Fisk-Vittori.