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Brian Khek

Brian Khek - CD, 2010

Brian Khek, ‘CD’ (2010)

Steve van den Bosch

steve_vd_bosch_More and less, 2011 White tack, blue flexible eraser

‘More and less’ (2011) by Steve van den Bosch

White tack and blue flexible eraser.

Christian Capurro

Another Misspent Portrait of Etienne de Silhouette‘ (1999 – 2004) by Christian Capurro.

Christian Capurro asked anonymous people to erase a page from a 246-page issue of Vogue Hommes magazine from 1986. They were also asked to write in pencil on their erased page both the time it took them to do this and whatever monetary value they currently received at work for their time, translated into an hourly rate or rates. The erasing took 5 years to complete and involved over 250 people.

Micah Schippa

‘Untitled no. 1’ (2010) by Micah Schippa.

The Birds


A scene from Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic ‘The Birds‘ (1963).



‘Untitled (or The Birds without the birds, or give us today our daily terror)’, (2008 – ongoing) by Martijn Hendriks.

Exact copy of Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds from which all birds have been removed.

Another scene:

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Cory Arcangel

‘Clouds’ (2002) by Cory Arcangel.

In Clouds, Cory took an old Super Mario Brothers Nintendo video game and erased everything but the clouds.