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Jeroen Offerman


‘Cactus’ (1996) by Jeroen Offerman.

A large cactus was tattooed entirely black within a time-span of three weeks.

Ger van Elk


Ger van Elk, ‘The well-shaven cactus’ (1970)

Anri Sala

‘Untitled (Cactus 2)’, by Anri Sala (2011)

C-type print 50 x 50 cm, Edition of 150

Carson Fisk-Vittori


‘Sunset’ (2008) by Carson Fisk-Vittori.

Michel François


‘Plans d’evasion’ a very nice show by Michel François at SMAK, Ghent (Belgium).

All the works are connected in one way or another. In an attempt to catch the spirit of this exhibition, some more photos:

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