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Lennart Lahuis



Lennart Lahuis, ‘Dis-penser (Study I)’ (2014)

Jef Geys

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Jef Geys, pages from ‘Kempens Informatieblad ‘ (1971-2013)

Since 1971, Jef Geys has been publishing the newspaper Kempens Informatieblad which was a local publication in Kempen, Belgium. Geys prints and distributes Kempens house-to-house, and often produces them in line with his exhibitions.

A more recent edition : Warande (2013)

Mark Manders



Mark Manders‘ ‘Newspaper’ series is an ongoing series of printed newspaper editions often free for the public to take home and available only during his exhibitions.

Using a nonsensical combination of English words, their text creates a pretense of legibility that dissolves upon closer inspection.

Sam Anderson



Sam Anderson,’Julius’ (2012) and ‘Zelda’ (2011)

paper, found newspaper image, wire

Zelda Rubenstein’s obituary, wood, wax

Thoka Maer

thoka maer3

by Thoka Maer

Ann-Elise Coste

Ann-Elise Coste, ‘Professionalization is killing art’ (2008)

Sebastian Moody

Sebastian Moody, ‘Contemporary man’

Saâdane Afif


Saâdane Afif, ‘Untitled (Everyday)’ (2004-2006)

The stack is expanded every day by the day’s local newspaper.