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Özlem Altin




Özlem Altin, ‘No Story, No’ (2015)

Lightbox installation for Witte de With CCA, Rotterdam.

Adam Schreiber

Adam-Schreiber_Halliburton Archiving Solutions (I), 1987-2009

Adam Schreiber, ‘Halliburton Archiving Solutions (I)’ (1987-2009)



Bill Clinton – Antichrist?‘ one of the unsuccessful kickstarter campaigns.

Kickended, a project by Silvio Lorusso, is an archive of Kickstarter’s $0-pledged campaigns.

Kickended is the place where campaigns with no backers live a second life. Free from the pressure of money raising, these retain the purity of abstract ideas.

Daniel Gustav Cramer


‘Ghosts’ (2010) by Daniel Gustav Cramer.

Seventy books form this archive of evidences of paranormal encounters gathered and registered by Darren Mann, head of the Paranormal Database UK. The sources include people´s descriptions, historic accounts and hearsay. The books contain around 10.000 records from all areas of the UK. The descriptions include poltergeists, dwarfs, headless knights on horses, lonesome ships, etc.

Jef Geys

ehc_672095_1971_1991_verzamelbundel-18ehc_672095_1971_1991_verzamelbundel-271 ehc_672095_1971_1991_verzamelbundel-25

Jef Geys, pages from ‘Kempens Informatieblad ‘ (1971-2013)

Since 1971, Jef Geys has been publishing the newspaper Kempens Informatieblad which was a local publication in Kempen, Belgium. Geys prints and distributes Kempens house-to-house, and often produces them in line with his exhibitions.

A more recent edition : Warande (2013)



“If you could only play a record once, imagine the intensity you’d have to bring into the listening.” – Derek Bailey


“The word ‘archive’ seems so reassuring, but I have a lot of concern over the longevity of documentary materials.” – David Grubbs

André Malraux

Malraux Musée Imaginaire 1947

André Malraux, ‘le Musée imaginaire’ (The imaginary museum)

Le Musée imaginaire is an archive that Malraux began in 1947. His “museum without walls,” as he described it, was a montage of photographs of art from all around the globe and throughout history, stretching from Roman sculptures to Impressionist painting.

Hans Ulrich Obrist


jc ballard_54807a


‘Formulas for Now’, compiled by Hans Ulrich Obrist (2008)

J G Ballard and Tacita Dean.

Jonathan Minard

‘Archive’ (2013) by Jonathan Minard

A documentary focused on the future of long-term digital storage, the history of the Internet and attempts to preserve its contents on a massive scale.

Part one features Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive and his colleagues Robert Miller, director of books, and Alexis Rossi, director of web collections. On a mission to create universal access to all knowledge, the Internet Archive’s staff have built the world’s largest online library, offering 10 petabytes of archived websites, books, movies, music, and television broadcasts.
The video includes a tour of the Internet Archive’s headquarters in San Francisco, the book scanning center, and the book storage facilities in Richmond, California.

Christodoulos Panayiotou

Christodoulos Panayiotou, The Invention Of Antiquity

Christodoulos Panayiotou, ‘The invention of Antiquity’ (2012)