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Lennart Lahuis



Lennart Lahuis, ‘Dis-penser (Study I)’ (2014)

Kris Martin

Kris Martin - T.Y.F.F.S.H

Kris Martin, ‘T.Y.F.F.S.H.’ (2009)

Magnus Thierfelder

Stand, still, 2011 Magnus Thierfelder

Magnus Thierfelder, ‘Still, stand’ (2011)

Eléonore Saintagnan

Eléonore Saintagnan, ‘Le cercle (The circle)’ 2009

Reynald Drouhin

‘Black out’ (2006) by Reynald Drouhin. (after Brian de Palma’s Blow Out)

The Birds


A scene from Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic ‘The Birds‘ (1963).



‘Untitled (or The Birds without the birds, or give us today our daily terror)’, (2008 – ongoing) by Martijn Hendriks.

Exact copy of Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds from which all birds have been removed.

Another scene:

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