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Pierre Joseph

Pierre Joseph, ‘Jeu de sept erreurs.’ (1995)

A bathroom where seven errors have crept in.

Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander, ‘Bauhaus revisited’ (2003)

Bauhaus chess-set from 1924 designed by Josef Hartwig, reproduced in blacklisted Zebrawood from the African rainforest.

Michiel van der Zanden

‘Pwned paintings #2’ (2008) by Michiel van der Zanden

Brody Condon


‘DeResFX.Kill(KarmaPhysics < Elvis)’ (2004) by Brody Condon

Karma Physics < Elvis is a modification of the bloody science fiction first person shooter computer game Unreal 2003. When plugged into a projector/moniter and power, a small custom pink computer automatically starts and displays the work. The viewer is pulled slowly through an infinite pink fog filled with floating, twitching bodies of Elvis Presley. The convulsions of Elvis are controlled by the original game’s Karma Ragdoll real-time physics system – generally used to simulate the physical dynamics of game character death.


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Helmut Smits

‘Greenscreen’ (2009) by Helmut Smits.

A football summary were the grass is used as a greenscreen for commercial messages.

Polder Cup


Last Saturday the art-/soccer-event Polder Cup was held in the ‘polders’ of Ottoland, near Rotterdam. Ottoland was an open event conceived by Spanish artist Maider Lopez, on invitation of Witte de With and SKOR.

Polder Cup was a soccer tournament in the middle of the polders of Ottoland, which meant that the (bumpy) field was crossed by trenches with water that the players were not allowed to cross. This made the game a little more unpredictable than usual.

It was a nice day, reminiscing of high school sporting day events and village-parties…

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Joe Beuckman




‘Hardball Bracelets’ (2003) by Joe Beuckman.

A series of square-stitch bracelets based on the audience graphics from the Commodore64 game Hardball.

Bas Schevers


Bas Schevers, ‘Kinderfiets (Children’s bicycle)’ (2001)

Bas Schevers stole a child’s bicycle from a front yard and left the owners a note, saying that he stole it for an art exhibition and that they could have it back if they came by on the night of the opening.

At the opening Bas was sitting by a table with a sandwich toaster in front of him. The owners of the bicycle could choose whether they wanted the bicycle back and take the toaster too, or if they wanted the bicycle back and have a conversation with the artist about his motivations for stealing the bike.

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