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Romanian New Year’s masks



In Romania, the ceremonial of the symbolic renewal of the calendar year at the turn of the year, the night between December 31 and January 1, is called the Burial of the Old Year or, more recently, New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Eve, when evening falls, there appear ‘the disguised ones’. In some villages in Bucovina (northeastern Romania), ‘the disguised ones’ are said to walk through the fog. They bear masks that help them personify wolves, goats, little horses, stags, the beauties of the New Year, devils, bear leaders etc. As soon as the evening falls, the large group divides into small groups that go wassailing from door to door, till dawn, when the New Year is finally installed.

Brody Condon


‘DeResFX.Kill(KarmaPhysics < Elvis)’ (2004) by Brody Condon

Karma Physics < Elvis is a modification of the bloody science fiction first person shooter computer game Unreal 2003. When plugged into a projector/moniter and power, a small custom pink computer automatically starts and displays the work. The viewer is pulled slowly through an infinite pink fog filled with floating, twitching bodies of Elvis Presley. The convulsions of Elvis are controlled by the original game’s Karma Ragdoll real-time physics system – generally used to simulate the physical dynamics of game character death.


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Ann Veronica janssens


Coloured fog project‘, (2005) by Ann Veronica Janssens.

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