Bas Schevers


Bas Schevers, ‘Kinderfiets (Children’s bicycle)’ (2001)

Bas Schevers stole a child’s bicycle from a front yard and left the owners a note, saying that he stole it for an art exhibition and that they could have it back if they came by on the night of the opening.

At the opening Bas was sitting by a table with a sandwich toaster in front of him. The owners of the bicycle could choose whether they wanted the bicycle back and take the toaster too, or if they wanted the bicycle back and have a conversation with the artist about his motivations for stealing the bike.



‘Game’  (2008)

If the visitors play this game they are also completing the work by doing so. A 100 euro bill hangs five meters above the ground. Material and rules are given by the artist for all attempts to take the money.

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