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Llobet & Pons


‘A4A3A4’ (2007) by Llobet & Pons

Fay Nicolson

Fay Nicolson

Fay Nicolson, ‘Blank’ (2011)

Mircea Cantor

All the directions1_130x187,7(6)

Mircea Cantor, ‘All the Directions’ (2000)

Marine Hugonnier

From the series ‘Mountains with no names’ (2003) by Marine Hugonnier

These photographs, drawn from a larger series, are portraits Hugonnier took of the mountains that surround the Pandjshêr Valley in the northeast of Afghanistan. These mountains have never been named: they remain blank areas on the map where only the paths are given names by local inhabitants.

Grupa TOK

Performance by Grupa TOK, Serbia (1973)

Louise Lawler

‘A Movie Will Be Shown Without the Picture’ (1979) by Louise Lawler.

In 1979 Louise Lawler screened the 1951 John Houston film The Misfits at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. She played only the audio portion of the film, leaving the screen blank for the duration.

Jon Sasaki

‘An attempt to selflessly eradicate one’s individual identity’ (2006) by Jon Sasaki

Amanda Ross-Ho

Amanda Ross-Ho, ‘Paintings to disguise a set of architectural elements’ (2011

Tom Friedman


‘1000 hours of staring’ (1992-1997), by Tom Friedman.

A blank piece of paper that the artist stared at for one thousand hours.

Matt Golden


‘Song for Ella’ by Matt Golden. From 2005.

The corner of a sheet of paper was stroked over a period of months.