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Jello Biafra


Jello Biafra‘s cover illustration for Steven Kelman‘s ‘Push comes to Shove: The Escalation of Student Protest’ (1970)

Witold Gombrowicz


The novel ‘Cosmos’ (1965) by Witold Gombrowicz.

“[…] In Cosmos, I am telling the simple story of a simple student. This student goes to spend his holidays as a paying guest in a house where he meets two women, one has a hideous mouth which has been ruined by a motor car accident, while the other has an attractive mouth. The two mouths are associated in his mind and become an obsession. On the other hand he has seen a sparrow hanging from a wire and a piece of wood hanging from a thread… . And all this, a little out of boredom, a little out of curiosity, a little out of love, out of violent passion, starts dragging him towards a certain means of action … to which he abandons himself, but not without skepticism. […] Cosmos is an ordinary introduction to an extraordinary world, to the wings of the world, if you like.” – W. Gombrowicz

Bruno Munari


Old Neapolitan gestures, from left to right: money, past times, affirmation, stupid, good, wait a moment, to walk backward, to steal, horns, to ask for.




From the book ‘Speak Italian: The Fine Art of the Gesture’ (1958) by Bruno Munari

Jan Huijben


Jan Huijben, ‘Daarheen’ (‘That way’)

Mircea Cantor

Mircea Cantor, stills from ‘The Landscape Is Changing’ (2003)

Single-channel video with sound, 22 min.

Grupa TOK

Performance by Grupa TOK, Serbia (1973)

Claus Richter

Claus Richter, ‘Great expectations’ (2010)