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Thomas Mailaender


Thomas Mailaender, ‘Gone fishing’ (2009)

The Gone Fishing project tells the modern epic of a young man fleeing his new responsibilities as a father by going on holidays with buddies. Through a false compilation of letters from the young dad to the young mom, Thomas Mailaender invents a character: a sort of immature Ulysses, more inspired by the beer, big-game fishing or ping-pong tournaments that by his new-born child.

Preview can be downloaded here

Marijke van Warmerdam


Marijke van Warmerdam, ‘Duck’ (2008)

David Shrigley

David Shrigley

David Shrigley, ‘Swan’ (2000)

“One day (maybe it was the early Nineties) when my life was a little less full than it is now, I spent an afternoon being stoned with a friend. We ended up in a bar and we started drawing animals without heads. The animals we drew had not been decapitated; they had been born without heads and had lived like that. Over the years there have been quite a few headless creatures in my work. Perhaps my interest in them was started on that day.” – David Shrigley

Harald Thys & Jos de Gruyter


‘Objects as Friends’ (2011) by Harald Thys & Jos de Gruyter.

Pierre Ardouvin


Pierre Ardouvin, ‘Debout’ (2005)

Rachel de Joode


by Rachel de Joode

Rebecca Horn

Magic Rock”, 2005 by Rebecca Horn. Special stone from the sea of Aeolian Islands near Napoli, Mountain rock

‘Magic Rock’ (2005) by Rebecca Horn

Special stone from the sea of Aeolian Islands near Napoli, mountain rock.

Mircea Cantor


‘Underestimated consequences’ (2011) by Mircea Cantor.

Bethan Huws

Dates are important_2003_BH

‘Dates are important’ (2003) by Bethan Huws

Wilfredo Prieto

Wilfredo Prieto bread with bread

Wilfredo Prieto, Bread with Bread (2011)