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Kenneth Goldsmith


‘Kenneth Goldsmith sings Jean Baudrillard’, from the ‘Kenneth Goldsmith Sings Theory’ series by Kenneth Goldsmith

David Sherry & Bas Schevers


‘Dylaning Dostoyevsky’ (2013) by Bas Schevers and David Sherry.

Bas Schevers and David Sherry hooked up after first meeting at the performance night ‘I want to believe‘ organized by, where both were invited to do a performance. They decided to make this super musical mixture. Order their record here!

Eduardo Arroyo


Eduardo Arroyo, ‘6 laitues, 1 couteau et 3 épluchures’ (6 lettuces, 1 knife and 3 peels)

Matthew Day Jackson


Matthew Day Jackson - The Way We Were, 2010

‘The way we were’ (2010) by Matthew Day Jackson

Christian von Mechel

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‘Twelve stages in the sequence from the head of a frog to the head of a primitive man’ and ‘Twelve stages in the sequence from the head of a primitive man to the head of the Apollo Belvedere’

Colored etchings by Christian von Mechel after Lavater (1797). Wellcome Library, London

Steven Pippin

Steven Pippin - LaundromatLocomotion - Walking without trousers - Man no. L1999.322 (group of 12)

‘Walking without trousers’ (1999) by Steven Pippin.

From the series ‘Laundromat Locomotion’.

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Hans-Peter Feldmann All the clothes of a woman 70 black and white photographs mounted on board

Hans-Peter Feldmann, ‘All the clothes of a woman’ (1970)

70 black and white photographs mounted on board.

Ellen Harvey


‘New York Nudes’ (2012) by Ellen Harvey.

Every nude postcard from New York’s contemporary art museums, drawn on to highlight the nude bits.

Gabriel von Max

Gabriel von Max monkey viewing painting
Gabriel von Max, ‘Monkey viewing a painting’ (18??)

Christodoulos Panayiotou

Christodoulos Panayiotou, The Invention Of Antiquity

Christodoulos Panayiotou, ‘The invention of Antiquity’ (2012)