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Sophie Eagle

‘Collapse (Endless Column)’ by Sophie Eagle

David Herbert


David Herbert, ‘VHS’ (2005

A giant copy of a VHS-version of ‘2001: A space odyssey’ made out of foam, plexiglas and latex paint.

Maurice Methot

‘Psychodrome’ by Maurice Methot

‘Psychodrome’ is an algorithmically hyper-edited recut of the shower scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho via cellular automata control.

Martin Arnold

Ending of Martin Arnold‘s ‘Alone. Life wastes Andy Hardy’ (1998)

“The cinema of Hollywood is a cinema of exclusion, reduction and denial, a cinema of repression. There is always something behind that which is being represented, which was not represented. And it is exactly that that is most interesting to consider.” – Martin Arnold

For the full version click below.

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Rineke Dijkstra

A video from what I think is the series ‘The Buzz club’, by Rineke Dijkstra

Joachim Koester


‘To navigate, in a genuine way, in the unknown necessitates an attitude of daring, not one of recklessness (movements generated from the Magical Passes of Carlos Castaneda)’ (2009) by Joachim Koester

Through the choreography of drawings and bodily movements, Koester traces methods intended to access or express physical sensation beyond cognition. In an ambiguous dark space, a mime performs the exercises described by the infamous anthropologist Carlos Casteneda in his 1998 book Magical Passes. According to Casteneda, these were secret shamanic gestures meant to enhance one’s ability to navigate “the dark sea of awareness”.

At the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hannover. Fullscreen for slightly better view.

Daniel Eatock

‘Alarm Dance 3’ (2007) by Daniel Eatock.

Watch more alarm dances after the jump:
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Brian Bress

‘Rock your body’

‘Note to self’

and ‘Brainquest’ by Brian Bress

Do check out his website for more of his weirdly great videos.

Michael Landy


Michael Landy‘s ‘Art bin’ (2010)

Centered around the concept of failure, for ‘Art bin’, Landy invited members of the public to submit their creative failures to the ‘bin’, to accompany donations from some of the world’s most prevalent artists.


Eelco Brand

‘Museum’ (2009) by Eelco Brand.