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Alex Hubbard @ Whitney Biennial


The other highlight for me was the video ‘Annotated Plans for an Evacuation ‘ (2009) by Alex Hubbard.

In the video, Hubbard continuously alters the look of an old, used Ford Tempo. He does this with styrofoam, plaster and spraypaint in a way that makes it seem like he has a very clear plan for the make-over. However, over the course of the video, the purpose for his alterations becomes increasingly unclear, while their pointlessness becomes ever more clear.

The video, as installed at the Whitney.

Colin Gee / Alexander Calder

Colin Gee commemorates Alexander Calder’s Circus miniatures.

Colin Gee, ‘Objective suspense’ (2009)

Alexander Calder performs ‘Le grand cirque’.

Alexander Calder, ‘Le grand cirque’ (1927)