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Laurent Perbos


‘J.O.’ (2006) by Laurent Perbos.

Miriam Bäckström


From the series ‘Scenografier / Set Constructions’ by Miriam Bäckström (1995-2000)

Stanley Kubrick / J.R. Eyerman


Extras playing dead at the set of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Spartacus‘. Photo shot by J.R. Eyerman (1959).

Mirko Martin


‘L.A. Crash’ (2006) by Mirko Martin.

Pictures taken at film sets, mixed with street scenes in Los Angeles.

Cyprien Gaillard

Geographical Analogies


Cyprien Gaillard, from the ‘Geographical Analogies’ series (2006-2013)


van-gogh-Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Vincent van Gogh‘s bedroom, reconstructed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Bas Schevers

Bas Schevers, ‘Hommage’ (2006)

At the 2006 edition of the Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam, Schevers set himself a set of rules with which he could seek out a work presented at the fair and copy it. He eventually chose two works by Dutch artist Jan Bokma.

Copy by Bas Schevers

The original by Jan Bokma