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David Hall

David Hall

David Hall, ‘Tap piece’ from TV Interruptions (1971)

This is one of ten ‘TV Interruptions’ broadcast on Scottish Television unannounced and without credit in 1971.

Watch here

Gabriel Orozco


Gabriel Orozco, ‘Cats and Watermelons’ (1992)

Philip Lorca diCorcia

Philip-Lorca diCorcia 5 sidewalk

Philip Lorca diCorcia, from the series ‘Street Work’ (1993-97)

Tino Sehgal

Tino Sehgal, ‘Kiss’ (2006)

Performance at the 4th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes, ‘In the Near Future’ (2009)

In the Near Future is a staged set of anachronistic and speculative protest actions in an investigation into the figure of the protester, the speech act of the protest sign and the contemporary political construction of public space and public speech.