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Memento Park

mementopark1 Budamarxeng

After de fall of the iron wall in 1989, several monuments and statues from Hungary’s communist period were, in stead of being destroyed, collected and placed together in Memento Park, in Budapest.

Christin Lahr

‘Macht Geschenke: Das Kapital’ (2009 – ca. 2052) by Christin Lahr

Every day, for about 43 years, Lahr will be transferring a donation of 1 cent to the German Ministry of Finance, accompanied with 108 letters from Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’.

Xinyi Liu

Xinyi Liu, ‘From Marx to Mao’ (2010)

José Antonio Hernandez-Diez



‘Kant’ and ‘Hegel’ by José Antonio Hernandez-Diez.

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