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Tim Head

tim head equilibrium 75

Tim Head, ‘Equilibrium’ (1975)

Franziska Sinn

Franziska Sinn, Rooms : Hotelroom Modifications, 2011

Franziska Sinn, ‘Rooms / Hotelroom Modifications’ (2011)

Miroslaw Balka

Miroslaw Balka, Fountain, 2008

Miroslaw Balka, ‘Fountain’ (2008)

Kröller-Müller Museum, The Netherlands

Roman Signer

Roman Signer, ‘Raketenhaus’

Kelly Nipper

Kelly Nipper, ‘Circle Circle’ (2007)

Watch an excerpt of the video here

Gabriel Orozco

For Willem, obviously:


Gabriel Orozco, ‘Pendulum’ (19??)

Pendulum is an oval billiard table, with the middle ball swinging back and forth, suspended from a string.



‘Ping pond table’ (1998)

The ping pond table is a lily pond, surrounded by ping pong fields.