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William Pope.L



William Pope.L, ‘The Great White Way, 22 miles, 9 years, 1 street’ (2001-ongoing). From the larger series ‘eRacism’.

People who are forced to give up their verticality are prey to all kinds of dangers. But, let us imagine a person who has a job, possesses the means to remain vertical, but chooses momentarily to give up that verticality? To undergo that threat to his/her bodily/spiritual categories—that person would learn something. I did… Now I crawl to remember. – William Pope.L

Line Ellegaard

The Shelf, Line Ellegaard, 2008-2

The Shelf, Line Ellegaard, 2008-3

Line Ellegaard, ‘The Shelf’ (2008)

Hand-held shelf, durational performance.

Régis Perray

Tourner en ovale“, 2009 by Regis Perray

‘Tourner en ovale’ (2009) by Régis Perray

Mauro Cerqueira

mauro cerqueira-"Entroncamento"2009

Mauro Cerqueira, ‘os joelhos em sangue sobre a neve’ (bloody knees in the snow) (2009)

Tony Richardson

Tony Richardson, ‘The loneliness of the long distance runner’ (1962)

Miller & Shellabarger

Miller & ShellaBarger, Untitled (Graves) (2010)

Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs, ‘Selbstausstellung’ (‘Exhibition of the self’) (1961)