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Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes, ‘In the Near Future’ (2009)

In the Near Future is a staged set of anachronistic and speculative protest actions in an investigation into the figure of the protester, the speech act of the protest sign and the contemporary political construction of public space and public speech.

Claus Richter

Claus Richter, ‘Great expectations’ (2010)

Adam Chodzko

Adam Chodzko, ‘Corner’ (2007)

Made for the exhibition ‘Gallery Exchange’ at Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt am Main.

Thank you, Jason!

Reynold Reynolds

‘The history of the future’ (1996) by Reynold Reynolds.

A review of our changing visions of the future as shown in over 50 films.


Mircea Cantor

‘Untitled (unpredicteble future)’ (2004) by Mircea Cantor. (also see Markus Rummens)

Javier Alberto Morales & John Michael Boling

‘The Church of the Future’ (2006), by Javier Alberto Morales and John Michael Boling.