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Jack Strange

JAckStrange_Keep Going, Keep Growing, Keep Cutting, Keep Swimming’, 2009, Framed Artist's Nail Clippings on Paper

Jack Strange, ‘Keep Going, Keep Growing, Keep Cutting, Keep Swimming’ (2009)

Framed artist’s nail clippings on paper.

Edith Dekyndt

Edith Dekyndt, ‘Present Perfect’ (2008)

The text PRESENT PERFECT is engraved at the scale of a nanometer (1/1000000 of a meter) on the surface of a nail.

Steven Emmanuel


‘The perverse threesome of the pencil, the paper and the rubber’ (2009) by Steven Emmanuel

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Sifres @ Greylight Projects


Last Sunday saw the opening of the brand new initiative Greylight Projects in Hoensbroek. The first exhibition there was ‘Sifres’, with work by Wouter Huis, Wineke Gartz, Thomas Bakker, Laurent Malherbe and Simon Kentgens.

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