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Sol Lewitt



Sol Lewitt, ‘Wall Drawing #797’

Instructions: The first drafter has a black marker and makes an irregular horizontal line near the top of the wall. Then the second drafter tries to copy it (without touching it) using a red marker. The third drafter does the same, using a yellow marker. The fourth drafter does the same using a blue marker. Then the second drafter followed by the third and fourth copies the last line drawn until the bottom of the wall is reached.

Nicolas Feldmeyer

Untitled (Woven Portico) (2012), by Nicolas Feldmeyer

Nicolas Feldmeyer, Untitled (Woven Portico) (2012)

Roeland Tweelinckx

roeland_tweelinckx_willful paving

Roeland Tweelinckx, ‘Willful paving’ (2012)

five times 3.5 x 20 x 20 cm / five pavement stones, cement and glue & environment

Roman Ondák

roman ondak-Shared Floor, 1996

Roman Ondák, ‘Shared Floor’ (1996)

A stretch of parquet flooring and electrical sockets that Ondák excised from an apartment.

Guthrie Lonergan

‘Floor Warp 2’ (2008) by Guthrie Lonergan.

Fieke van Berkom


by Fieke van Berkom

Andy Goldsworthy


‘Started to rain, laid down, waited, left a dry shadow,
Haarlemmerhout Holland, 29 August 1984’ by Andy Goldsworthy.

Nicolas Poillot

Nicolas Poillot - spring 11

Nicolas Poillot, ‘Spring 2011’ (2011)

Derek Paul Boyle

grease spot from rubbing chest against wall (2012) by Derek Paul Boyle

‘Grease spot from rubbing chest against wall’ (2012) by Derek Paul Boyle

Tom Friedman

Friedman (1)

Tom Friedman, ‘Untitled’, first made in 1989
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