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Gunta Stölzl


Gunta Stölzl, ‘Jacquardentwürfe’ (‘design for a Jacquard woven textile’) (1927).

Tomás Saraceno




Thomas Saraceno Show at Esther Schipper gallery, Berlin 2013. Details

Works from the exhibition ‘Social … Quasi Social … Solitary …Spiders … On Hybrid Cosmic Webs’ by Tomás Saraceno at Esther Schipper, Berlin.

A display of hybrid spiderwebs made by various species of spiders. The result: webs on top and inside of other webs, webs woven by rare species of social spiders with webs of solitary, asocial spiders.

Nicolas Feldmeyer

Untitled (Woven Portico) (2012), by Nicolas Feldmeyer

Nicolas Feldmeyer, Untitled (Woven Portico) (2012)