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Fieke van Berkom

Fieke van Berkom

Photo by Fieke van Berkom

Reinaart Vanhoe


Reinaart Vanhoe (2012)

This is how I imagine it to be, more or less.
Without many images, without much material
and just as present as everything else.

Tim Etchells

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close eyes painted out w hesterd45w0114 sml

‘Some Imperatives’ (2011) by Tim Etchells.


Stefan Brüggemann

Stefan Brueggemann, I Cant Explain and I Wont Even Try (2003)

Stefan Brüggemann, ‘I Can’t Explain and I Won’t Even Try’ (2003)

Hans Ulrich Obrist


jc ballard_54807a


‘Formulas for Now’, compiled by Hans Ulrich Obrist (2008)

J G Ballard and Tacita Dean.

Joe Scanlan

joe scanlan

‘SOLONGSOLSOLONG’ (2007) by Joe Scanlan

Jonathan Monk


‘This painting should ideally be hung near a Sol LeWitt’ (2004) by Jonathan Monk.

Sol Lewitt

SOL LEWITT - All ifs ands or buts connected by green lines - 1973

Sol Lewitt, ‘All ifs ands or buts connected by green lines’ (1973)

Lee Lozano

Lee Lozano, September 25, 1968

Lee Lozano, September 25, 1968

Goran Trbuljak

Trbuljak_Old and Bold_2008

‘Old and bald I search for a gallery’ (2008) by Goran Trbuljak