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Robert Cumming

robert cumming-shaving cream alphabet 1970

‘Shaving cream alphabet’ (1970) by Robert Cumming

Josef Bauer


Josef Bauer, ‘Body Gallery’ (1974)

Axel Loytved


Axel Loytved, ‘You have to have ideas’ (2



By Gummbah

Fieke van Berkom

Fieke van Berkom

Photo by Fieke van Berkom

Reinaart Vanhoe


Reinaart Vanhoe (2012)

This is how I imagine it to be, more or less.
Without many images, without much material
and just as present as everything else.

Tim Etchells

which side with hester d45w0176 sml

thnking a bit d45w0052 sml

close eyes painted out w hesterd45w0114 sml

‘Some Imperatives’ (2011) by Tim Etchells.


Stefan Brüggemann

Stefan Brueggemann, I Cant Explain and I Wont Even Try (2003)

Stefan Brüggemann, ‘I Can’t Explain and I Won’t Even Try’ (2003)

Hans Ulrich Obrist


jc ballard_54807a


‘Formulas for Now’, compiled by Hans Ulrich Obrist (2008)

J G Ballard and Tacita Dean.

Joe Scanlan

joe scanlan

‘SOLONGSOLSOLONG’ (2007) by Joe Scanlan