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Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy

Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy-sharp-suits-worst-client-comments

Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy-sharp-suits-worst-client-comments3

From the series ‘Sharp Suits’ (2013) by Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy

Annoyed by the ridiculous client comments that come with the territory of being a graphic designer, Shanley and Treacy decided to turn their feedback into posters.

Kenneth Goldsmith


‘Kenneth Goldsmith sings Jean Baudrillard’, from the ‘Kenneth Goldsmith Sings Theory’ series by Kenneth Goldsmith

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Hans-Peter Feldmann All the clothes of a woman 70 black and white photographs mounted on board

Hans-Peter Feldmann, ‘All the clothes of a woman’ (1970)

70 black and white photographs mounted on board.

David Blandy

David Blandy, ‘From the underground’ (2001)

Charles M. Schulz


by Charles M. Schulz

Syd Barrett

‘Bob Dylan Blues’ (1970) by Syd Barrett

Pierre Bismuth

bismuth pierre most-wanted-men-bruxelles -dan-flavin 06

bismuth pierre most-wanted-men-bruxelles-e-ruscha 06

bismuth pierre most-wanted-men-bruxelles-jorge-pardo 06

From the series ‘Most wanted men/Bruxelles’ (2006) by Pierre Bismuth

An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World

22 Febsmall

Sober & Lonely Institute for the Arts in reaction to ‘Destiny’ by ?Bas Schevers at An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World

Brad Troemel


‘My sim card on someone else’s toenail’ (2012) by Brad Troemel

Jason Lazarus

jason lazarus first time i saw my father

Jason Lazarus, ‘The first time I saw my father unconscious (the pillow my sister placed under his head)’ (2008)